Zumba Class at Valasaravakkam

Brigade Fitness offers the best Zumba class at Valasaravakkam for ladies and gents in and around the vicinity. It has professional Zumba instructors who train every individual according to their stamina, body weight and flexibility. There is a separate beginner training class for new comers and different ability levels such as, low, medium and high. Zumba is a dance-based fitness training program that stimulates the whole body increasing physical fitness. It is a one-hour class conducted by certified trainers.

Zumba can be practiced by anybody from the age of 3-60 years. This is the speciality of this unique and fun-filled fitness program. It does not require any tedious diet chart or strenuous workouts to get into shape. Just by tuning your body to the natural rhythm of music played at these classes and following simple dance movements, you can feel better and healthy in few months. It gives you an opportunity to learn new moves and meet people from different backgrounds. The trainers are warm, welcoming and patiently teach clients various dance styles based on the age group.

Zumba is a total stress buster, mood booster and calorie burner. Approximately, you can burn about 600 calories in one session. It incorporates lunges, squats and warm up exercises to loosen muscles and improve flexibility. It targets the abs, gluteus, arms and thighs to improve posture, tenacity and stamina. There are thrice a week and weekend Zumba classes at Brigade Fitness, where a few of them are specialised in training elderly people. You can enjoy, relax and workout in a calm and fun way at these Zumba classes. As days goes by, you will be lighter at heart and on your hips!