Brigade Fitness conducts classes for Yoga, which is considered as a solution for physical and mental strength enhancement. We teach various exercises along with meditation to improve the flexibility, strength and also solves breathing problems. Yoga also helps to increase muscle strength, improves energy and respiration, reduce weight, makes your body athletic, maintain a balanced metabolism and a proper cardio and circulatory health.

Yoga training at Brigade Fitness

Brigade Fitness also caters a proficient training for Yoga, which is one of the ancient methods of exercise. ‘Old is gold’, they say, and it can be widely accepted when it comes to yoga. It begins with Pranayama, meditation and is continued with various asanas. Pranayama improves breathing ability and removes any blockage in the nostrils. It helps to prevent breathing problems like asthma, wheezing and so on. Meditation becomes a high necessity in this technology era since people find life too stressful unlike before. This exercise freshens the mind, rejuvenates one’s soul and helps to improve concentration and mental stability to a great extent. We have hired well-trained Yoga instructors who have a wide knowledge about various asanas and meditation techniques. The first and foremost reason to learn yoga is that it increases flexibility and builds muscle strength. It improves one’s spine posture and a spine without strain can prevent back pain and neck pain. Yoga plays a major role in increasing blood flow and improving heart rate. It helps to boost levels of Haemoglobin and red blood cells that carry oxygen; this in turn increases levels of oxygen transported in the body. More oxygen makes a person more active and fresh, which is the ultimate goal of Yoga exercises. It also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and also boosts one’s immune system functionality. Overall a person practicing Yoga can experience a peace-of-mind that others haven’t witnessed and it improves self-esteem and inner strength, which is highly required to achieve something remarkable in life.