Becoming a fitness freak and looking fit in a T-shirt is a dream for many. And it ends as a dream for most of them. But still a few want to make their dream, a reality and enrol themselves in a gym. Consistent training is needed to become fit and lack of consistency plays a spoilsport. Brigade Fitness plays the role of a guide to make sure the fitness aspirants are taking the right path to reach their destination. We provide a proper schedule to strengthen the biceps, triceps, chest, Lat, shoulders and legs in order to make our client, a fitness freak.

Workout provided by Brigade Fitness:

A workout regime of at least 4 days a week with a proper diet and adequate rest can assure fitness and a good-looking physique. We, at Brigade Fitness provide personal trainers and they are responsible to plan the workout schedule and diet based on the body type of our customers. Body types can be classified into Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Ectomorph people are thin with small joints, lean muscle and a small frame. They have a minimum tendency to gain weight even if they overeat, hence they need a limited cardio and a short and intense workout with a high carbohydrate diet. Mesomorph people have medium-sized, athletic bodies and the most ideal body type for bodybuilding. Their body responds well for weightlifting and quicker gains are seen in minimal time. They must have a controlled diet, a careful watch on calorie intake, a consistent workout and a balanced diet. Endomorphs are characterized with higher amounts of body mass and a larger bone structure. They find it very easy to gain weight, but that comprises mostly fat. So, these category people must train with cardio along with weight lifting. Strength training is mainly done to avoid decrease in bone density and strength. It also helps to increase metabolic rate and burn calories at ease. Moreover, looking fit gives a kind of confidence which is hard to explain. Every time, when a person looks into the mirror, he feels proud of his effort.