When our students find routine gym training as boring, we provide them outdoor fitness training. Practicing push-ups and crunches in a beach or park will be refreshing for them and make them do more counts and sets. We have made this outdoor training a mandatory one and students will be taken out at least once in a week. Enrol in Brigade Fitness to witness this energising outdoor fitness activity.

Outdoor fitness training at Brigade Fitness

Exercising in the fresh air, that too in the early morning is a bliss. Brigade Fitness conducts early morning drills for our students in a beach or park that lasts around 2-3 hours. Our outdoor fitness schedule involves power walking, jogging, running, push-ups, abs workout and several stamina-enhancing drills. We conduct these drills at least once a month since continuous workouts in the gym becomes too boring at a point and these drills will serve as a change to them. We also conduct adventure games like rock-climbing and bouldering activities, and they provide a wholesome entertainment and also a motive to achieve the targets somehow. Swimming is also an activity we conduct at least once in two months. It helps to build strong shoulders, and also improves flexibility and coordination. Swimming also helps to improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and elevates one’s stamina to another level. We also train our students for mega events like the Marathon and Triathlon. Marathon requires an unconquerable willpower and confidence to run for miles without getting drained. It requires months of training and we have created a few success stories in Marathon events. Triathlon, on the other hand comprises of swimming, running and cycling. It requires thrice the effort and stamina put in for a marathon event. Completing any one of these drills in Marathon is a big deal and we have made our students complete the Triathlon multiple times.