Brigade Fitness offers cycling, trekking and climbing drills to enhance their fitness to another level. These three exercises help to burn fat and increases metabolism at the same time, which is the ultimate goal of every fitness freak. Cycling for a longer distance, trekking a high-altitude hill and climbing a steep rock helps to improve a person’s willpower and make the sky the limit for their willpower. Moreover, we organize these drills to make our students witness their abilities after hitting the gym for months. Join Brigade Fitness and elevate your fitness to another level!

Cycling/ trekking / climbing at Brigade Fitness

Brigade Fitness always believes in improving stability of our students and we ensure to provide stability enhancing drills like cycling, trekking and climbing. We conduct cycling at least twice in a month where our students have to ride cycles up to 5-10 km in the early morning sunlight. It improves leg power, stabilizes the spine and provides an enchanting freshness. A stable spine prevents neck pain and back pain, and it helps to develop a straight and strain less back. Trekking is another drill, which excites our students since it becomes an overall enthralling experience. Thrilling and exciting at the same time, and it requires will power to complete the drill. On completing the drill, one’s willpower will reach unreachable heights and moreover, it gives a joy of completing a Herculean task. Trekking drills are conducted by Brigade Fitness once in every three months and our students trekking a hill after hitting the gym for several months can witness their stamina attained through gym workouts. Climbing is another activity we conduct once in every 3 or 4 months. Climbing a steep rock requires great concentration and strength. We train our students and provide ropes for climbing since it aids as a support. This activity is the most challenging among all the outdoor activities we conduct.