CrossFit has a set of workouts with high number of repetitions and is suitable for those who have the tendency to ‘Workout till death’. It often tests the limits of a person’s speed, strength and endurance since it’s challenging but not impossible. The Bootcamp is an interesting fitness program that involves exercises without weights and mostly performed in an outdoor space. It focusses mainly on fitness and not weight gain, and it assures a slim body with flat abs and toned arms.

CrossFit/ Bootcamp Training at Brigade Fitness

Fitness experts at Brigade Fitness are a pro when it comes to CrossFit since most of them have been bodybuilders. They train passionate persons who want to bulk up and represent the body-building competitions in a highly productive way. CrossFit aids as a major source of motivation as it involves a never-say-die attitude to life heavy weights and that too double the number of counts than usual workouts. It also improves a person’s willpower and it makes them build a thought that Nothing is Impossible. It is also one of the most time efficient workouts and it consumes only around 15-20 minutes. Less time consumed, but more calories burnt is the concept of CrossFit. This exercise is a great builder of stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination, power, speed, endurance, agility, accuracy and balance. The Bootcamp is also an intense training method where the exercises revolve between cardio and weight training. It needs a willpower to complete the entire Bootcamp schedule, but once it’s done and dusted, it improves a person’s self-confidence to another level. Shedding weight and toning the muscle at the same time is the highlight of this training. This is highly suitable for those who want to shed weight that too without losing muscle. Bootcamp is the outright solution since cardio is followed by weight training.