For all those dance enthusiasts and those who feel normal gym sessions boring, Aerobics/ Zumba exercises will suffice them to maintain their fitness. Aerobics combines a set of PE/PT exercises performed with a music, whereas Zumba is a set of dance moves with a Latin American music. Both elevate your fitness to the next level and those who can’t dance can opt for Aerobics. Zumba is full on entertainment and it rejuvenates your mind and burns your fat at the same time. These two exercises also aid as stress-busters by making people dance in joy and make them forget their worries!

Aerobics/ Zumba Training at Brigade Fitness

Brigade Fitness has been a crowd attractor when it comes to Aerobics/ Zumba training. We have highly experienced Aerobics and Zumba instructors who cater an enjoyable and refreshing way to shed weight. Zumba is highly effective in calorie and fat burning where we can ensure a calorie burn from 600 to 1000 calories. It also improves a person’s coordination since this method of exercise involves a lot of exciting movements. Apart from a dance, it also aids as an effective fitness class and it helps to loosen up muscles from head to feet. One of the biggest advantage a person gain from this dance is freshness and confidence. It makes one feel good which in turn makes them confident. It also makes one socialize easily with others, since they can interact with their Zumba mates. This dance also improves one’s respiratory and circulatory systems since it involves many fast-beat moves and quick reflexes. Brigade Fitness also have been conducting Aerobic classes for a while now. Our instructors are all experts and they assure a productive training that improves one’s fitness and freshens mind at the same time. Aerobic improves one’s stamina and it helps to reduce stress at great levels. It makes a mind active by its set of active movements, and it also helps to strengthen bones, joints and immune system too. This exercise also helps to burn calories to a greater extent, and improves respiratory and circulatory systems by decreasing one’s blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.