Boot Camp at Chennai

With newer exercise techniques popping out every day, it becomes confusing for people to focus on the right type of fitness training. If you are looking to build abs and tone your muscles into six packs and eight packs, then the traditional boot camp training will be the appropriate workout for you. Brigade Fitness, a popular army-themed gym in Valasaravakkam offers the best boot camp at Chennai. It has professional and certified trainers who conduct regular group sessions for fitness fanatics. The gym is equipped with changing rooms, wifi connection, air conditioned training area, imported equipment and bathrooms.

Boot camp is a high-intensity workout with periods of running and weight training. An hour of continuous body movements with few intervals of rest between sets helps in faster calorie burn and muscle toning. About 500-600 calories can be burned during one hour session. Apart from intense running, boot camp incorporates weight training using treadmills and hand weights. Mixing both cardio and weight loss training will help in muscle building and strengthening. Boot camp is the best type of fitness training for body builders, athletes and serious fitness freaks. The training is strict, disciplined and regular with no possibilities of falling into a mental or physical block. Coordination and team activity is the basis of boot camp training where instructors force trainees to follow the same workout during the set time frame.

Benefits of Boot Camp Training

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle tenacity
  • Core and cardiovascular strengthening
  • Coordination and balance.