Best Strengthening Gyms in Valasaravakkam

Strengthening exercises are the most sought-after fitness training in the gym. There are various physical training centres in Chennai offering valuable strengthening workout programs. Brigade Fitness is one of the best strengthening gyms in Valasaravakkam as it is army-based. Most of the trainers are bodybuilders and athletes who are skilled professionally in strengthening programs. They provide the right ambience, workout plans and exercises based on each individual’s body weight, height and type. Each workout program consists of a detailed diet chart to help trainees maintain their nutritional balance in the body.

Importance of Strengthening

Strengthening exercises are vital for bodybuilding and weightlifting. It is very important for athletes and sportsman to develop muscle strength and joint control. The power, timing and balance of contraction and relaxation of muscles play a key role in strengthening workouts.

    • Low intensity but of longer duration workouts like stability muscle exercises are good for low back pain. It includes planks and ball exercises.
    • Dynamic strengthening exercises are of greater power, intensity and duration which help in strengthening of shoulders, core and hips. It includes push-ups, planks, squats and kettle bell squats.
    • Eccentric strengthening exercises are rare and particularly advised during sports injuries. It helps in faster recovery by strengthening of abs and spine. It includes, eccentric squats with better power and speed control

If you are planning to build abs, strengthen your core or develop an athletic body, then try joining Brigade Fitness centre in Valasaravakkam for strengthening training. They have the best trainers for motivating and providing the best strengthening workout sessions for the core.

Brigade Fitness is an army-based best strengthening gym in Valasaravakkam. People aspiring for abs, toned body and athletic physique can join this gym to get the maximum results. It is run by a team of ambitious physical activity trainers who are professional bodybuilders and weight lifters. They exclusively offer strengthening exercises for athletes, sports personnels and models to help them stabilise their core and muscle strength.

Why you need to strengthen your core?

The health of your body solely relies on the stability of your core muscles. The more stronger your hips, thighs, spine and gluteus are, the more perfect your body works. Strengthening exercises are mainly of push-ups, squats, planks, side plank, lunges and kettle bell weights that increase your muscle strength, intensity, stamina and endurance. These help in prevention of injuries by improving muscle tenacity, bone density and bone mass. As you increase the strength of your core, it will lead to enhanced performance of everyday activities. Many trainers recommend adults to do strengthening exercises twice a week for better posture and weight management.

Professional strengthening training at Brigade focuses on certain principles which are taken care by skilled instructors at the gym. They provide the best program for every individual based on their expertise. The factors include,

  • Type of lifts
  • Intensity levels
  • Duration of workouts
  • Workout regimen
  • Increase and decrease of weights
  • Resting period and
  • Recovery

Tailor-made workouts with all these factors help tone specific body areas. If you want to strengthen your core, then choose professional gym like Brigade Fitness for disciplined workout sessions and skilled training.