Best aerobic classes in Valasaravakkam

With plenty of exercise options available in the market, people can opt for lighter to heavier fitness programs to keep themselves fit and healthy. Everybody are looking forward to join one or the other forms of gym training to boost self-confidence and physique. When it comes to lighter fitness programs, aerobics is a popular form of physical activity chosen for reducing weight and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Brigade Fitness offers the best aerobic classes in Valasaravakkam. It is the only army-based gym in the vicinity providing a variety of fitness training programs for adults. Aerobics is one of their expertise program given by professional trainers. They begin with a lighter volume of aerobic exercises and gradually increase the intensity as the sessions progresses. Both beginners and trainees are handled individually to maintain a well-balanced workout session.

What is Aerobics?

Aerobics is a set of vigorous exercises with low to high intensity for strengthening cardiovascular muscles. It is rhythmic, timely and fast with heavier to lighter breathing intervals. It monitors and regulates the oxygen supply in your body. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, cycling and dancing for a period of 10-30 minutes.

How aerobics help your body?

  • Aerobics can improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body.
  • It helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
  • A 10-minute moderate intensity aerobic session can regulate breathing and immune system while 30-minute high intensity can help in calorie burning and reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases.
  • Join the best aerobic classes in Valasaravakkam to increase longevity and cardiovascular function. Brigade Fitness can be the right solution for all your health concerns.

Aerobics is a term derived from two Greek words; Aero meaning ‘Ability to’ and Bics standing for ‘Withstand Boredom’. It is an exciting dance workout specifically designed for benefitting the respiratory and circulatory system. Brigade Fitness is a renowned gym operated by a team of passionate trainers that offers the best aerobic classes in Valasaravakkam. If you are a resident of this place, try joining their coaching centre to achieve a healthy and fit body.

Brigade has professional gym instructors and aerobics trainers who offer customised aerobics program for adults of any age group. The classes are conducted daily, biweekly, or on weekends based on the availability and quantity of students. They teach both low-energy and high-energy dance aerobics suiting the intensity, heart rate and breath control of individuals. It has several jumping, dancing, stepping and skipping movements that help in flexibility and toning of muscles. In the initial stages, instructors start with a simple movement to ease the process and as time goes by they add a sequence of exercises to train both physically and mentally.

Advantages of Aerobics

  • Aerobic classes are conducted in group settings which can be the perfect way to learn and understand the technique with others. You can make friends and also workout together.
  • Aerobics have a huge effect on the oxygen supply to the body. These exercises regulate breathing and oxygen delivery to the system, resulting in improved lung function and blood circulation.
  • Aerobics help burn calories faster as it banishes fat and boosts metabolism.
  • It’s good for controlling blood pressure, high cholesterol and stress levels.